2013-09-20 11.11.22-2Hello there!

Welcome to Beyond d barrel. My name is Trisha Mitchell and I am a Grenadian national residing in Toronto, Canada.

A proud Community Activist, my passion is to engage, inspire and mobilize individuals and communities to utilize collective resources to transform first their community, then the world. With a background in Non-Profit Management, Community Development, Fundraising, Strategy development and Resource management, I have a special interest in development projects which have the capacity to provide for sustained economic development in developing countries like Grenada.

This blog is intended to be a space to stimulate discussions on possible long term strategies that countries such as Grenada and other small island states which depend heavily on remittances from abroad to sustain economic activity ie. the ‘Barrel Culture’, can utilize to become self-sustaining.

The hope is to stimulate dialogue on models that can take us beyond the immediacy of this culture to a deeper discussion of how we can strategically utilize the strong nation connections of members of the diaspora to open a bigger discussion of sustainability, growth and development for these small states.

This is entirely a personal initiative and is in no way shape or form politically motivated and I would appreciate if the discussion be kept that way. This is about finding creative and innovative ways for our small island nations to thrive in this new economic climate working in partnership with our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.

Feel free to also connect with me on twitter @mztrisham or on Linkedin

Looking forward to stimulating discussions!


Trisha M.


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