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A few days ago a friend of mine sent me this article in The Economist which I found quite fascinating. Titled After the Olympics, the author spoke of the rapid pace of development currently taking place in London, England, a year after the London Olympics, on the site of the former Olympic stadium and players residences during the games.

Talk about a lesson in progressive and forward thinking development! Of particular interest to me was the complete revitalization of lands that were previously described as “derelict wasteland“. Converted into an amazing showcase for the Olympic games, these lands have now been taken over by developers who have plans to create what is literally a small city and here’s how they plan to do it.

1) Create low rise housing on long term leases – Hello middle income earners and families!

2) Space for for small business start-ups – Here’s to attracting the innovators and entrepreneurs.

3) A broadcasting center – Well now, somebody has to talk about these great happenings and how better than to bring them right into the neighborhood?

4) Education Centre – Schools and Universities – Hello Future academics!

5) Health care Clinic – Mommy’s and Grand parents will love this!

Now of course this kind of planned development has spurred new complimentary development nearby including new apartment buildings, restaurants and other attractions.

All in all these developers have all the right bases covered to create a space that will draw digital and creative businesses both great and small, along with tech-minded academics, investors, students and middle income families.


‘Build it and they will come’

Can you think of a space on your island that could use this kind of makeover? I know I certainly can…